Monday, 30 March 2015

Freshen Up Your Conservatory with a Splash of Green for Spring

Green is a colour that is really popular at the moment, with stores and magazines filled with ideas and
products featuring various shades of green, from wallpaper, prints, paints and accessories.
Of course, there is always something fresh, warm and spring-like about this colour and it can work beautifully if you are planning to inject a bit of life into a conservatory that is either long overdue an overhaul or has just been built and is awaiting its first dressing.
Green is a versatile colour and can work well in combination with colours such as brown, grey, cream and white.

Going Green in Your Dining Area

If your conservatory is predominantly used as a dining room, then there are a few things you can try in order to make it feel fresh and stylish again and give it more than a hint of spring.
You could consider laying carpet in your conservatory, this will certainly add warmth and give it a completely different tone, especially if it has always had a tiled or wooden floor (as many conservatories tend to). Unless you get the dressing just right, a wooden or tiled floor can often feel cold and lack that new spring warmth you are striving for. With doors out to the garden from this room, it’s probably best to avoid carpet colours that are too light – cream for example - as they can soon look grubby and worn. Perhaps you could try something like a charcoal grey, which is both really modern and avoids the pitfalls of those lighter colours. It also works beautifully with green!

What about the walls?
There are some very stylish wallpapers available in various shades of green and papering one feature wall could be the best way to implement the colour into your conservatory. Combine this with perhaps a sage green paint on the remaining walls and it will feel, fresh, modern and make it a room you want to spend more time in.

A Fresh Face for Furniture

White furniture can often deliver clean and modern lines and a white dining table (either new or revamped) can, in combination with the green walls, make for a striking centrepiece. You can further enhance this look with white shelving units, sideboards, coffee tables and even chairs.


Blinds are obviously and fabulously practical for conservatory windows and allow you to get as much light as possible, especially during those spring and summer months. Some people might prefer fully fitted curtains so if you do prefer this but are desperate for something “lighter”, you could opt for some voiles of your choice – they don’t even need to cover the full expanse of the window, they can work simply and effectively as a dressing.

Luxurious Lighting

Chandeliers and lamp bases made of glass can often look beautiful and give an elegant feel to the room but for this particular theme, fabric lampshades might be a better option and can provide a soft and furnished look. You could even introduce a botanical theme – there are plenty of these currently on the market – to enhance your theme of spring.


You can have fun here and continue your botanical theme if you wish, with things like pictures, cushions, vases, throws and even plates hung on the walls. Finish it all off with a suitable centrepiece for the dining table and your spring conservatory makeover is complete.

You can find out much more about different conservatory styles on our main website, where we even tell you what the difference is between a conservatory and an orangery.