Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Vote Conservatory! The Manifesto for Extra Living Space

Why should you vote conservatory?

A conservatory can give you options – practical, sensible, living space options. A conservatory can
solve problems such as where to send the kids to safely play when you have visitors and it’s raining outside, or where to set up an office if one of you has the opportunity or need to work from home. A conservatory can provide you with a place to relax in comfortable surroundings, whilst looking out onto the greenery of a beautiful garden. A modern conservatory can also be used as a super trendy kitchen/diner, allowing you to cook up your mouth watering masterpieces without missing out on any of the latest gossip from the party delegates (dinner guests) in the other room.

The conservatories of yesteryear were a little stuck in the mud and old fashioned, delivering the same old message – “too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer”. The modern conservatory has learned its lessons well (technology has improved things like underfloor heating and various kinds of glass which in turn has improved insulation) and now offers broad appeal - for properties of all shapes and sizes up and down the country. There has never been a better time to vote conservatory!

Doing the Maths – A decision in favour of a Conservatory simply means MORE:

1. MORE space to work – A light, comfortable environment for getting important work done

2. MORE space to play – either for the kids and their toys or the teenagers and their games consoles

3. MORE space to relax – Create an extra living room space with comfy sofas making an excellent place to curl up with a favourite book or just to gaze out into the garden beyond

4. MORE space to entertain – Create extra dining space for those famous dinner parties with friends and family

5. MORE space to cook – If you have always felt a little too cramped in your kitchen an extension can open this area up and you can even go for that modern kitchen diner you have always dreamed about.

Make sure to vote on polling day

All political puns aside (it is election time after all), with spring well under way and summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to finally get your conservatory (or orangery) project underway. For inspiration, design ideas and price guides, visit the Foxfurd website now.