Friday, 3 October 2014

Daring to Dream with a New Conservatory

There are a variety of reasons for choosing to add a conservatory or an orangery to your home. You might simply be looking for more functional living space, you may be seeking to add value to a property or you might just want to improve the aesthetics of the place in which you live.

It might be the case that you love your garden and wish you could be closer to it all year round and adding a conservatory is an opportunity to bring a more open feel to an area of the property as well as taking a step closer to the garden without leaving the house!
Of course, conservatories and orangeries in general have taken huge strides in recent years, with underfloor heating providing more consistent warmth in the colder months and specialist glass and blinds helping to moderate temperatures in the hot summer months.
It’s not simply a case of more space but it’s also very much about style and you can tailor your new living area to be exactly what you want it to be. It’s also an opportunity to explore open plan living in a property that perhaps has always been a little more enclosed.
Working hand in hand with Foxfurd, you can realise your dreams, crafting and creating the perfect extension to your living space.
Here are just a few ideas to consider if you long to be able to enjoy your garden from the relaxing comfort of your favourite armchair.

Opening the Door
The doors are a critical piece of the jigsaw if you want a conservatory that feels closer to the garden. They have the potential to either open a room right up or make it feel smaller and claustrophobic. Bi-folding doors are one option to consider, where the whole of one side of your conservatory or orangery (the side or front that faces the garden) is made up of these particular doors. Enabling you to fold back the doors on a beautiful summer day, can effectively merge indoors and outdoors together, breathing in the scent of the garden flowers and balmy air. In addition, the whole space will just feel much larger and of course much lighter, delivering a really contemporary atmosphere.

What’s on the Floor?
Continuing the theme of having your living space reach out into your garden and grounds beyond, flooring can also play an important role. Perhaps you already have some existing decking outside and this can be utilised to great effect if you choose a flooring style of similar materials and colour. If the grain of your decking goes one way, choose a flooring solution that imitates the pattern and this will help to create the illusion of one continuous open space, flowing from the inside out.

Wall to Wall
Any wall space you have remaining, once the glass and windows have been fitted can also be tailored to your particular specifications. Shades of green can help contribute to the “outdoors” vibe as well as being relaxing and easy on the eye as you spend quality time in your new room.

Finishing Touches with Soft Furnishings
Natural themes such as trees and flowers are currently very popular and therefore will work very well with your desire to embrace your outside surroundings. With rugs, cushions, curtains, blinds, lampshades, lamps and throws you can remain on topic and stylish at the same time. Indoor plants (either real or high quality fake) can also help with the theme, choosing pots that you like and that blend in easily. Rattan furniture can often be used both indoors and outdoors and could work really well in a setting like this with some of it being made specifically for conservatories, with sofas, chairs and tables populating the area.
Of course, all of the above are simply ideas for one particular theme. With Foxfurd, you can design and then have built a conservatory or orangery in exactly the style you want – something that blends in seamlessly with your existing property. Please visit our main website for more ideas and inspiration.

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