Friday, 24 October 2014

10 Conservatory Ideas – Spaces of Style and Substance

When designing a new conservatory, you are not limited. You can choose to make your extension as traditional or as eclectic as you wish, with perhaps only the budget bringing any sort of cap on your ideas. Essentially you are adding an extra room to your home or property and as you go through the design process, lifestyle and family living requirements will obviously play a part in the direction you take. However, this “extra room” can be more than just that – it can be a space full of style and substance.

Dining Room  A dining room is perhaps one of the more obvious choices, as you consider the best use for a new conservatory or orangery. The light and airy feel can make it a very pleasant place to enjoy a meal either with family or alone. If you feature large outward opening doors, this can give you an almost alfresco feel to your dining in the warm summer months.

Kitchen – A kitchen extension is another popular idea. It may be suitable to extend your existing kitchen, essentially delivering a much larger space to exercise culinary skills, or it may be a case of hating your current kitchen and having a complete redesign in your new conservatory. The old room can then be transformed into an extra living area of your choosing.

Office – Designed well, a conservatory can make a really good space to house an office. If you work from home, having an office crammed into a dark bedroom is not always conducive to a good working environment and if the office also doubles up as a spare bedroom, it can also be really inconvenient when you have guests and visitors to stay. Having a desk near the window can make the most of the extra light and views of the garden can potentially be inspiring. When it gets just too bright, a set of blinds will give you the requisite relief. Depending on design, not only should there be enough space for a workstation area but with a comfy sofa, coffee table and some chairs, there is scope to be able to relax during those important break times.

Breakfast Room –  I guess you could say this is another twist on the classic dining room theme but what a wonderful way to prepare for the working day ahead by enjoying a healthy breakfast in an environment with lots of natural light. With plenty of light coloured furniture, some plants and greenery, this could really help you to start the day with a sunny disposition.

Beach Hut – If you are fortunate enough to live near the sea, then this is a particularly interesting idea, effectively filling your conservatory with beach themed furniture and decorations. If you are already blessed with a sea view, this room can be the icing on the cake and give you the feeling of a permanent vacation when resting here. If you live in the country (far from the coast) but have always craved being nearer the seaside, this theme can still be effective and perhaps you can add a little something to adorn your extension by bringing a trinket of some kind back from each visit to the beach.

Family Room –  It might be that you have already crafted a perfect kitchen and dining room but what you are really lacking is a room large enough for the whole family (children and grandchildren) to spend time together in. Effectively a multi-purpose space, where you can eat, relax, watch TV and host a family gathering in – somewhere warm and cosy to while away the hours on long, dark winter nights. This is perhaps a room where the chosen décor doesn't need to be quite as specific. 

Open Plan – Perhaps you live in a building of a certain period, when open plan living wasn't really on the agenda and you desperately long to introduce a little of this lifestyle into your home. A new conservatory or orangery is the ideal opportunity to embrace the open plan arrangement for yourselves. Whether it’s a large kitchen-diner, living room or a combination of both is entirely up to you as you go through the designing process. Décor and furniture can be as minimal as you like as you create your open plan area and revel in the new found space.

Utility Room – Perhaps one of the more unorthodox uses for a conservatory, but if needs must then the extra space can be very handy to put in all those appliances that are simply taking up too much room elsewhere. There is often nothing worse than a cluttered kitchen, especially if it also serves as the dining room and finding somewhere for dishwashers, fridges, washers and driers can become a nightmare, so this specifically created room can become a very purposeful addition to your home.

Personal Gym/Fitness and Exercise Room – If you are someone who prefers to exercise and get fit in private or simply don’t have the extra time it takes to get down to the gym after work, then designing your very own personal gym to be housed in your new conservatory could prove ideal. Not only can you ensure there is enough room for all of the equipment and exercise machines you will need but perhaps you can also install a fridge where you can get quick access to your favourite energy drink. A comfy chair or sofa to recline in while you get your breath back before heading for a shower will also make a good addition.

Star Gazing Room – Perhaps more of a luxury than an actual purpose, but if you like to look at the stars – when night falls, switch off the lights, sit in your favourite reclining chair and get ready to have your breath taken away at the sheer scale of the universe above you, as you gaze through your glass ceiling. Particularly effective if you live in the country, where the night sky is less diluted by man-made light.
With the Foxfurd team, designing a new orangery or conservatory has never been easier. Contact us, tell us what you hope and dream your new extension will become and with your ideas and our expertise, we can ensure that your home or building gets the dynamic extra space it deserves.

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