Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Conservatory for Christmas

It might be a little too late to have a new conservatory built in time for this Christmas and it’s not really the kind of thing Santa is going to get on his sleigh, let alone down the chimney, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be on your Christmas wish list. A conservatory for Christmas can actually be a great idea for many different reasons. Not only will it deliver you (when built) the extra living space you have been craving for so long but it can also be used to great effect each Christmas time, when you are trying to squeeze all of those extra family members around the table for dinner!
No Room In The Inn

A conservatory can be used for a range of purposes but perhaps the most popular ones (at least from a Foxfurd point of view) involve creating extra dining or living space – either by extending an existing area or starting from scratch and dedicating the whole new extension to that one, new, chosen purpose. As families grow, so does the need for extra rooms or just some more space and with Christmas being very much a family time, homes are usually overflowing with grandparents, grandchildren, aunties, uncles and friends too. You just know that next year, Christmas will either have to be at someone else’s place or you need to do something drastic in your home to get them all in!

Not Just For Christmas!

What is your greatest need - not just in the holidays but all year around? Do you love to host dinner parties and show off of your latest culinary masterpieces? Then perhaps a new spacious dining area will suit your purposes best – giving you a chance to finally unfold the extra sections of your beautiful dining table, which until now have remained hidden because their simply wasn’t enough room. What a treat it will be during the festive season too – when everyone can dine around the same table rather than having the kids eating off their lap or having to set up a smaller table in another room to cope with the overflow of people.
If it’s more about having space for the grandchildren to play in, while all the adults watch on and enjoy tea and coffee, then an extended or completely new living room might be the way to go.  Choose your size and style, factoring in all of your requirements, knowing that next time the family gathering is at your place, everyone can exist in the same room in relative harmony! What a blessing the extra space will be at Christmas as the kids frantically unwrap all of their gifts, wrapping paper strewn hither and thither, spaceships swooping low over mum and dad’s heads and board games opened and discarded in every corner of the room!

Planning for the Holidays with Foxfurd

Most successful family Christmases require a degree of planning and building a high quality conservatory is no different. However, with Foxfurd’s help,each stage of planning and design can be pain and stress free as members of the expert team will guide you through each aspect of the process – being as “hands on” or as “hands off” as you wish. You may also need actual planning permission in order to construct your new extension (at the very least you will need to check to see if you need permission or not.) Again, if this is something you are not sure about, Foxfurd can help you in this regard too.
So, if you are planning your dream conservatory this Christmas, even if it’s not for this year – please contact us for more information or visit our website for exciting ideas.

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