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Christmas in Your Conservatory

For many people, an existing conservatory becomes even more useful at Christmas time, especially when it comes to the conundrum of fitting everyone around the table when it’s time to tuck into the turkey, or even somewhere to retreat to for a few minutes of sanity when the kids are running riot with their new toys!
Modern conservatories can be built in many different shapes and sizes, and are frequently used as an extra reception room, whether it’s for dining in, living in or for a combination of uses. Long gone are the times of cold, unwelcoming glass rooms that were primarily used in summer months. Now with underfloor heating, specialist blinds and just an overall more intelligent design process, the conservatory has become an invaluable, luxurious addition to the home.

Christmas List – Dressing Your Conservatory

So, how do we go about transforming a room that is largely made of glass, into a homely, festive, winter wonderland? After all, if Christmas lunch is the focal point, your guests will be spending plenty of time in this room, so it needs to feel welcoming and comfortable.
Let’s have a look at a few ideas to help with the holiday season overhaul.

Transforming Your Table into a Seasonal Centrepiece

If you don’t already have a table in your conservatory, then that will be the first thing to organise.
Positioning will be important, and if the table is usually situated in a corner or to the side of the room, it needs to be moved into that central position, hopefully allowing plenty of access for everyone.

Seating Arrangements and Table Dressing

You may think that seating should be the last thing to worry about when simply decorating the table, but knowing how many will dine can help with the overall structure, and putting out place mats can help you map out your plans. Once this is sorted, you can think about the actual table decorations.
You might have a really impressive centrepiece for the table but if it’s too high, your guests might find it difficult to communicate, which in turn will ruin the atmosphere you have strived so hard to create.  Something a little less bulky, made from a combination of tea lights, woody cones and red berries will deliver the Christmas touch with warmth and colour without dominating the table.

Baubles in a bowl

You can have fun (and impress your guests) with table cloths, mats, serviettes and holders and you could even make your own themed place settings. How about a pine cone, wrapped with a beautiful ribbon and name card, hand written using gold or silver ink for the finishing touches! Baubles in clear bowls is another simple yet effective decoration.

Choosing a Room Theme

Of course, your table decorations should be very much influenced by the rest of the room, assuming you have gone to great lengths to make the room look spectacular.

Modern Magic

To create a truly modern feel for your conservatory room, you may need to be brave! For example, if you have a Christmas tree in the room (who doesn’t?), a black one would make a really effective back drop for bright colours. A black Christmas tree isn’t everyone’s idea of fashionable. However, it will certainly look modern and stylish!
When using decorations, choose bright colours such as a vivid pink. Along with blues, purples and greens, they will not only work but make a striking impact for your table colours, tree and accessories.

Traditional and Trendy

For many, there is nothing quite like a traditional Christmas theme. Often magical and comforting, it’s a great combination. Choose a real tree (rather than artificial), hang stockings up with old fashioned pictures of Santa along with gold decorations, lots of pine cones, holly and red berries.
At the time of writing, woodland themes are considered very trendy within the world of interior design and it’s a theme than can easily be combined with that old traditional feel, giving you that modern-retro vibe. Ideas? Fabrics, surfaces and ornaments featuring deer or even reindeer are available in many shops and combined with a blanket on an easy chair, some fur cushions and a sheepskin rug, you will have complemented the theme perfectly.

Vintage Wonderland
The “vintage” look remains very popular and if this style appeals to you, why not carry it over into

your Christmas conservatory. Using soft pinks and metallic colours will help to create a magically soft feel with perhaps a white or even silver Christmas tree and a ballerina instead of a star, for elegance. White or silver wreaths, lots of fairy lights, a bird cage or two and flourishes of silver throws and cushions should finish things off nicely.

Conservatory Lights Fantastic

So, once you have your theme, your table centrepiece, your fabulous tree and accessories sorted, it will all be coming together. Lighting is perhaps the final piece of the jigsaw. White fairy lights will work with any theme and can feel even more enchanting at this time of year. Hang them along the windows and drape around mirrors and pictures. Battery operated rice lights can even be placed on the table.
A clever use of candles can be the icing on your immaculately baked Christmas conservatory cake! They can be placed on the table, window sills or other pieces of furniture and will give light, colour, glow and a winter spice fragrance if you so choose. (Never leave burning candles unattended and don’t put them anywhere near fabric such as curtains etc)
Most of all have fun decorating your conservatory for Christmas!

The entire team at Foxfurd would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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