Friday, 28 August 2015

A Truly Bespoke Conservatory – You Design it, We Build it

You might be in the process of making final decisions regarding your new conservatory build and are just trying to decide on the details of the layout, the size, maybe even the overall function. There are plenty of home and lifestyle magazines dishing out ideas aplenty when it comes to what your finished extension can look like and there are probably a whole host of them you would like to squeeze into your final design. Well, thanks to the completely bespoke service offered by Foxfurd, you can put as much or as little into the ultimate design of your new luxury conservatory.

Personality in the planning

Although certain final specifications are very much dependent on your existing building or property, there are plenty of “off the shelf” conservatory designs available, but here at Foxfurd, we believe that most people would prefer to put their own individual stamp and flavour onto a building that they might end up spending many, many years, if not the rest of their lives living in. So, it’s important to get it right and although there are optimum times in the year (weather related) to build your conservatory, you won’t be rushed into making decisions – it’s entirely up to you.

Design your own conservatory

So, what do we mean by bespoke? We really mean that alongside our team of architects (who will give as much or as little input as you wish), you can actually design your own conservatory including size specifications, features and interior design. Of course, once we are aware of the specification of your existing building, we will be able to guide you and make you aware if certain things will work or not, but within that scope – you are free to make this new piece of extra living space completely your own.

Highest quality materials & craftsmanship

Once a design has been settled on, our professional team will then get to work making sure that craftsmanship will be of the highest quality and you can be assured that the finished building will not only look stunning but truly be a genuine extension to the available living space in your home.
everything is in place (even down to planning permission if required) to get the build underway. All of the materials we use (as per your instructions) and

Revel in the extra space

If you have been short of space in the home for a long time, it can be a very exciting prospect, knowing that soon you will have that much more room to manoeuvre and even though you may not be considering moving, a well-built conservatory will undoubtedly add value to your existing property. So, hesitate no longer – visit our main website and get in touch to begin the design process – it’s really that simple.

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