Friday, 25 September 2015

Enjoy the Autumn Colours from the Warmth of Your Conservatory

Many people with conservatories will be dreading the changing of the season as the last days of summer become nothing more than a fond memory and the dawning realisation that your beautiful conservatory is getting colder by the day!
It’s probably fair to say that conservatories do have a bit of a reputation for being too cold in the winter (and even sometimes too hot in the summer), however, there are ways to improve the situation if you have an existing conservatory and ways to avoid it almost altogether if you are considering building a new one.


If you haven’t yet had your conservatory built, then the glazing options you choose can make a massive difference to the temperature inside the finished building. The usual way of things is that the more glass you have, then the more difficult it will be to keep any generated warmth inside. So, it goes without saying that you should choose the absolute best glazing options that your budget will allow – if you have enough for triple glazing, try and make this your goal.
If you are working with an existing structure that is perhaps starting to show its age, replacing the windows, with a newer more up to date option – although costly will give you the best results. If the budget is much tighter, then there is an insulation film you can apply to the glass panels. The results won’t be as spectacular but it will certainly help a bit.


Many conservatories feature an all glass roof but it is possible to have a structure that has a tiled roof. The benefits here are obvious (you can insulate the roof area), as are the downsides (you won’t get as much light). However, if you are considering a new extension, then an insulated roof will surely be very tempting. If you are wondering what you can do with your glass panelled roof, then there are options here too.

You can have specially insulated blinds fitted to the glass panels (this will be easier with certain designs). Perhaps a little on the expensive side, but they will certainly help with the heating in the winter and the overheating in the summer.


When it comes to general heating and flooring, there are multiple options for a new build with perhaps underfloor heating being the most popular option. A good underfloor heating system with good, even floor coverage can be effective in any part of the house and it can work wonders for a well-designed conservatory too. There is a warning to heed here too, however, if the rest of your conservatory isn’t particularly well designed for heat retention, then underfloor heating (just as with any other conventional heating system) will prove expensive to run.
If you are trying to warm up an existing conservatory or orangery, there are things you can try to combat the cold. If you are intending to put carpet down, then it might be worth looking into what sort of insulation will work best under your underlay. A wooden floor can, to some degree, work as an insulator, so this too might be an option. If none of these are possibilities, just try and put down as many thick, warm rugs as you can. Every little helps.
It might also be worth looking at your central heating and working out whether it is possible/affordable to put an extra radiator in – this will certainly help to take some of the chill out of the air.
If a mobile heater is your only option, mobile oil heaters or infra-red heaters are a couple of examples that you could investigate with your reputable conservatory designers and builders.

Curtains/ Blinds

We touched earlier on using blinds for the glass panels on the roof but you should also consider fitting the surrounding windows with high quality conservatory blinds too. These will prove effective and essential all year round.
If you simply must have curtains, then try and select some that are insulated, these will at least go some way to providing a level of protection from extreme temperatures. Make sure to draw the curtains closed during cold winter evenings and any heat you have been able to generate will last that little bit longer.


If possible, avoid putting larger furniture pieces against or too near the glass – this can cut off some of the light and prevent some of that lovely warm winter sunshine from flooding in.

Just from an aesthetic point of view, try and choose furniture that “looks” warm. In the battle of mind over matter, this will at least make the conservatory look inviting.

Dark browns – perhaps a set of rattan chairs with cream cushions and a dark brown coffee table or if you have a larger space, a walnut dining table with chairs. The textures themselves can help the room look warmer and more homely.

Interior Design

These ideas, like the furnishings above are more about creating the illusion of warmth rather than actually generating heat in the conservatory. However, if you have made some of the improvements mentioned earlier, then these ideas can be the icing on the now much warmer cake!
If you have any wall space in the conservatory (areas not covered in glass), you can paint them in warm colours – coppers, rusty reds and taupe. Taupe especially is popular for interior designers, as it not only helps create a feeling of warmth but is also elegant and will look classy if you intend to use your extension for entertaining.
As we approach autumn 2015, there are numerous woodland themed accessories available that are autumnal in colour and design. Try checked throws, knitted cushions covers, cushions with pictures of foxes & deer etc. Sheepskin rugs, checked lampshades and wooden candle sticks will all contribute to a lovely and trendy interior design theme suitable for the seasons ahead.

When designing and installing any structural element of your new or existing conservatory it is always advisable to seek out the advice of a reputable company before proceeding.


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